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Welcome to AltoFidelity, London's best on-line permanent audio fair! With our new upgraded website we hope to make happy all of you, Vintage Audio enthusiasts, who are looking for valves as well as amplifiers and components.
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Available at the moment: Audio Vintage Valves (Brimar, GEC, Marconi, Mazda, Mullard, Osram,  Tungsram etc.)  These tubes are in alphabetical order as well as with numbers for the US market. Vintage amplifiers available most in excellent condition and working order.
DIY people: The search is over! Visit our Components/Accessories section where bits'n'bobs like decks, tonearms, Bulgin Plugs, Capacitors, Carbon Resistors, Literature, obsolete radio valves and data can be found.
If there's anything gone or forgotten we always welcome suggestions of any kind. 
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ECC's Double Triodes - 6SN7GT and C.V. Equivalent

This section shows you all types of ECC's tubes we have in stock at the very moment. We have photos and quantity available for each valves. Other types of ECC's are also available as well as data upon request. Valves also include: ECC31, ECC32,  ECC33, ECC34, ECC35, ECC85, ECC88, E88CC, ECC807 etc. Brands include: Brimar,  Mullard, Marconi, Philips, Siemens, Tungram, Telefunken. Please click here for more information.

EL's Power Output Pentodes + ECL's Triode/Pentodes @ 6 Volts
Listed here are some valves we reckon to be the most common for audio application. Any ideas/tip about a missing one...please let us know.  Various EL84, EL34 as well as the most sought after EL33 and 37 by Mullard. Triode/Pentode ECL82 and ECL86 still available. Brands include: Brimar,  Mullard, Marconi, Philips, RCA, Siemens, Tungsram, Telefunken. Please click here for more information. 

KT's (Kinkless Tetrode). All you need to know  + equivalents 
The KT66 (and related valves) are indirectly heated beam tetrodes designed for use in the output stage of audio amplifiers. These tubes are suitable to work either in single or push-pull mode. When such a tube has the screen connected through a 100 ohm resistor to the anode it works in triode mode. Listed here are those working at 6 volts filament. Brands include Marconi, Osram, GEC and the 6L6 made in USA by RCA etc. Please click here for more information.

The most common rectifiers for audio applications
There is a bandwagon of rectifiers for audio applications!. The one shown on the left is a GZ34 Mullard.  We also stock GZ32, GZ33, GZ37 (CV378), 5Z4, 5R4 and the most common 5U4G. Indirectly heated cathode MU14 = MU12 and MU12/14 and a list of directly heated filament U14 = U12 and U12/14; U18/ U20, U50 and the bi-phase half-wave rectifier U52 Marconi @ 5 Volts Heater. Check also UU7, UU8 and all EZ's type. Please click here for more information

Power amplifying triodes with directly heated filament
Balloon, ST or Straight sided shape...we all love them! All Power Amplifying Triodes of this kind are very easy to test and handle. List of types include Mullard AC044 = Marconi/Osram PX4 =CV1168 = Mazda PP3/250 (15 Watt dissipation triode).  Marconi/Osram PX25 = CV1040 = Mazda PP5/400 = Tungsram P27/500 = Mullard D024 (30 Watt dissipation triode). With oxided coated filament These tubes sell like hot cakes! Please click here for more types.

Small triodes: Bright and Dull emitters for radio enthusiasts
The valves listed in this section belong to the so-called Vintage Years circa 1915-1930. Bright emitters refer to those valves whose filament glow bright orange at a temperature of around 2300-2600 K. The first valve of this kind was made in France and is familiarly known as "R" type. The dull emitter instead has thoriated tungsten filament working at 1700-1800 K, lower temperature then compared to the tungsten filament of the bright emitter. Please click here  for more information.

A to Z Addenda: Remaining  types Letters'n'Numbers listed here
Since this is an Audio Website we try not to let down anyone! Please browse through this section if you are looking for any type of valves not listed above. We have a comprehensive number of valves on display plus others which come as they are.They are divided in two categories: Valves starting with numbers and  letters, thus giving the chance for you to look at any American/European  type we left behind. Interesting search. Please click here  for more information.